Although Malta is small in size, the tiny island in the Mediterranean Sea has a lot to offer. Even though it would take you less than 45 mins (without traffic) to travel from the north to the south of the island, there are still some distinctions with regards to places of interests that you can visit.

If you want to discover the north of Malta, there’s nothing more convenient than Prestige Cabs. We offer private sightseeing tours of a minimum duration of 4 hours. You can organise your sightseeing tour from Monday to Sunday and you can also adjust your tour according to your specification. Here are some of the popular recommendations when discovering the north of Malta.

Mosta Church – The Rotunda

Also known as the Mosta Dome, this church is a Roman Catholic parish church in Mosta that is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary. The church survived somewhat of a miracle during the second World War since on the 9th of Aoril 1942, a German aerial bomb pierced the dome and the bomb fell into the church during mass but failed to explode.


The Silent City of Mdina

The old capital of Malta, Mdina is known as the silent city. Explore the quiet and historical streets and discover Malta’s history through this rich city. Mdina is situated on top of a hill overlooking large parts of Malta which means that you can witness some of the best views of the island here.


Domus Romana & St Paul’s Catacombs

Domus Romana is a ruined Roman-era house that is located on the boundary between Mdina and Rabat, Malta. The site was discovered in 1881 and through excavations a number of Roman mosaics, statues and other artefacts were revealed. St Paul’s Catacombs in Rabat is one of the most prominent features in Malta. There are a number of underground galleries and tombs dating from the fourth to the ninth centuries AD. Two catacombs are open to the public.


Ta’ Qali Crafts Village

At Ta’ Qali Crafts Village you can find a variety of different crafts and beautiful artefacts that you can buy from local experts. You can also watch craftsmen blowing and forming glass, visit the goldsmith’s filigree and beautiful jewellery and also look at magnificent sculptures and lace.


Dingli Cliffs

Dingli Cliffs is the highest point in Malta and you can witness breath-taking views while taking a short hike along the cliffs. You will enjoy excellent views along the coast to the tiny island of Filfa. After your walk, you can also take a break and enjoy a coffee/lunch/dinner at a local restaurant.


Limestone Heritage

Located in a traditional Maltese village of Siggiewi, the Limestone Heritage is a famous touristic attraction that will transport you to explore the island’s history. Children can enjoy themselves in the farm animal park and there are also stone sculpting demonstrations for the history buffs.


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