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Cab Services

If you are visiting Malta and want peace of mind in planning your stay, rest assured that Prestige Cabs in Malta is experienced and equipped to handle your A to Z whilst on the island. We can start by organising your Airport Transfers so that you will not need to hassle about looking for transport to your accommodation. Don’t waste any time, we’ll get you to your place on time.

Get in Touch with us at Prestige Cabs Malta for any Chauffeur Driven Services.

We look forward to be of service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Malta Airport Transfers

Prestige Cabs Malta makes your journey as stress-free as possible by using our “meet and greet” service at the Malta International Airport. Upon arrival, you will meet one of our airport transfer drivers in the Arrivals lounge with a sign bearing your name. Simply provide us with your flight details and we can make the arrangements to take you to your location. Book both your arrival and departure transfers and benefit from a discount on both journeys.

There are no trains in Malta and the bus system is not as efficient as one would want it to be. So your best bet is hiring a car or getting a reliable low cost taxi service. The price of taxis in Malta is lower than that of most countries in the same region however you always need to call a taxi by telephone as you cannot pickup taxis simply by signalling. Moreover, we also offer Chauffeur Driven Service. We can organise your trip around the various interesting spots on the islands of Malta and Gozo, guaranteeing a travel experience like no other! We pride ourselves of our friendly and efficient service.

For every industry, there’s a steady solution.

Regular transfers are normally serviced using our everyday fleet. Should you wish a specific car you need to pre book, an additional charge will apply.



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