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Are travel and photography at the top of your list? Do you want to discover a country in the way that you’ve never seen it before? If you’ve answered a solid ‘Yes’ to both of these questions, then you will be interested in what’s coming next.

All About uPhoto Malta Photography Tours

uPhoto Malta Photography Tours offers guided tours around Malta and Gozo that will surely give you the best photography holiday that you’re looking for. Whether you’re a beginner, a photography enthusiast or a camera pro, you’ll surely find uPhoto’s photography trips useful as you will get to know all the best spots around the island to capture behind the lens.


What are the Malta Photography Tours on offer?

uPhoto Malta is not known for offering the best photography tours for no reason. You can choose from a variety of tours to help you experience Malta in a new light, or better yet, in an appropriate light. uPhoto offers the following tours:


Game of Thrones Tour

Even though Game of Thrones is officially concluded, uPhoto is here to help you relive the memories that you experienced while watching this famous series. You will visit all the locations from the scenes that were shot in Malta and Gozo, including the Great September, the King’s Landing, the Red Keep Garden, and more.


The Architectural Tour

This tour is unlike anything that you will find on the market. uPhoto’s professionals will guide you through the unique style of Maltese architecture. The photo tour portrays all the efforts of Maltese and international architects throughout the years. The Architectural Tour is 4 hours long in which you will experience it all – from Medieval architecture to Modern style.


The AM Tour

This AM tour is for the early risers. Catch the sunrise and discover Malta in the early-morning light. The uPhoto team will take you to the best locations to capture the island at dawn.


The PM Tour

This PM tour is also known as the Golden Tour and it is ideal for anyone who would like to capture the spectacular sunsets on the island. Catch the last hours of the day and we’re sure your photography holiday will be unforgettable.


The Gozo Tour

Get to know Malta’s sister island behind the lens. This Gozo tour will guide you through hidden caves, splendid beaches, cliffs, fields and valleys. We all know that the grass is greener on Gozo’s side so get ready to savour it all in.

How do the uPhoto Malta photo tours work?

The uPhoto Malta tours will not leave any stone unturned. All the photo tours cover the ultimate spots around the Maltese Islands for you to capture the best shots. But that’s not all! The team behind uPhoto will not only take you to the perfect locations but also guide you towards taking the best pictures.


The photo experts will teach you all the right skills, camera angles and teach you all the tips and tricks to capture Malta at its very best. That is the reason why uPhoto tends to keep the tour groups small so that the experts can give full attention to all the individuals present.


You can then implement our tips and tricks while going on site around Malta and Gozo. Get ready to capture our island in the best possible way.


uPhoto Photography Team Building Activities in Malta

Team building activities are set out to bring out the best elements of a company. You can choose uPhoto for your team building events. Whether you’re looking for a fun day out for your colleagues or you want to organise corporate team building activities, uPhoto is the perfect fit.


With the uPhoto photography trips, the team can work towards a common goal and help each other to capture the best shots possible. It is all about photography, light, people, locations and capturing that moment that will last forever. The scope of this activity is to capture the moment – a moment which will be marked within your time in the organisation.


Get in touch with uPhoto Malta today to book your photography trips. We can assure you that you will have proof of the fond memories that you have shared with us through photography.

Uphoto Photography Tours

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